Entrevista a Jack Carthy (inglés): «they care what it looks like (the sections) more than how good it is for the riders»

First of all thank you very much for your time. How are you living the situation with COVID19 and how are you training?

Hi there no problem at all my life hasn’t changed so much I am still training I can not go to places like Shipley glen but I have my garden street and a quarry that is close to my house! Life is more simply for me because we can not go and do things with Miles so it’s train train train!! Haha

How do you think it can affect the season? 

I hope the season doesn’t get cancelled as that would be a massive shame for our sport but whatever happens happens! We all just have to stay positive. 

I would like to review the previous year. What was the best and what was the worst? Why? 

2019 was probably my best year I won every World Cup European championships to win 4 events without loosing now with only one lap of five sections takes some doing! So easy to make a mistake and be in last place in 2015 with 2 laps of 8 sections then a supper final was easy to win you could make mistakes and still win.

You were very angry after the World Cup, both in the race and later on social networks. Could you explain your position to us?

Yes I was angry after world champs because this has happened before to other riders and they never changed the result but always with me I feel it never goes my way but I don’t care now at all! It’s nice to have new motivations to get better.

There are people who are complaining of lack of creativity and new things in the areas of the races. Do you think different areas or more techniques are needed? What do you think of the current competitions?

I 100% agree the world champs has been the same for the last 3 years!! It’s not like the old times in France that’s for sure every event was different! I feel they care what it looks like more than how good it is for the riders! 

There are those who already call you the best pilot of 26 in history. What is your opinion? Is it a goal to be the best in history?

It’s a massive honour that people think that but I think it’s fair to say that now as well!  I have had a crazy career so far almost winning everything and I am still young and have many years left! I think I will be at my best in the next 5 years. 

What do you think is your strong point as a pilot?

My mind and consistency! This is why I respect Vincent Gilles and kenny for 10 years they was never off the podium! It’s no good winning one time you have to keep winning.  

On the development of bikes. What do you think is the future of 26? Carbon fiber, aluminum, something different?

Aluminium bikes will always be best I think!  My crewkerz is amazing and perfect for me! I would happily stay on the same bike for the next ten years! 

We would like to know, do you give more priority to the bike or the gym?

Every week is different.

What do you think is missing from the trial to be exploit through the media? To be more popular

Not sure we just have to keep posting cool content and it will grow.

Thanks for your time

No problem thanks for having me.

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